International Primary Curriculum (“IPC “)

IPC is used as IslandCA’s core programme, around which we build a strong integrated offering.  IPC is a comprehensive theme-based, creative curriculum, based on the latest brain research. It has a clear process of learning and specific learning goals for science, history, society, geography, art, technology and ICT subject areas, as well as for personal learning and international mindedness. Students develop and retain understanding when they can connect new ideas and concepts to those they have already developed, and the IPC units facilitate these connections. The IPC is philosophically similar to the PYP and students can move seamlessly from IPC into IB programmes or other international frameworks. IPC is one of the fastest-growing curricula in the world today.

At IslandCA, IPC units (usually 5-6) are carefully chosen for each year level, to provide a comprehensive curriculum for integrated teaching and learning in a particular year as well as to ensure progression and development of skills, knowledge and understanding across the primary years. The classroom and specialist  teachers (Chinese, Music, PE) collaborate to integrate learning across subjects whenever possible.

The IPC’s motto is… great learning, great teaching and great funand we’re confident this is all happening at IslandCA.  See the IPC web site for further information




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