Literacy is fundamental to learning, thinking and communicating, and it is embedded in the teaching and learning at IslandCA. Students follow a structured comprehensive language programme based on the UK National Literacy Framework. The processes and content are reviewed and adapted, where necessary, to be more responsive to the broader needs of our international students and our integrated curriculum offering.

The reading programme focusses on ensuring that students learn to read easily, fluently and with good understanding, and that they develop a love of literature and habit of reading regularly for both pleasure and information.  The Get Reading Right phonics programme is used for early readers to lay a strong foundation.  We use the standardised PM benchmarking system to track progress and improve reading.

The writing programme focusses on developing students’ ability to construct and convey meaning in a variety of forms, which consider audience and purpose. Throughout the year levels, students learn the conventions of grammar, handwriting, spelling and punctuation.

Listening and Speaking
Listening and speaking enable students to explore ideas and concepts. To become discerning lifelong learners, students develop fluency as well as confidence in their oral language abilities

Viewing and Presenting
These skills are essential to effective communication in the 21st century, and students have opportunities to develop these as they move through IslandCA, where they are exposed to many age- appropriate presentation tools, often aided by the use of ICT.



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