Christian Worldview Curriculum

All the schools under the Generations umbrella believe Christian Education is just as essential as Mathematics, English, and Mandarin. Thoughts, discussions, and actions flowing from our Christian Education program lead students to achieve the final and most important line in Generations’ motto: Living for Eternity.

Intensive research and discussions led our Curriculum team to select the Foundations Curriculum for use in our pre-primary program and Building on the Rock curriculum for use in our primary classes.

The Foundations Curriculum nurtures a young child’s relationship with God by instilling biblical values deeply into a child’s heart thereby building a biblical foundation. For over 25 years this curriculum has been used in early years programs around the globe and in schools filled with students of differing cultures, skill-levels, denominations, nationalities, and backgrounds.

Building on the Rock curriculum is a worldview curriculum for children aged 6-12 and is endorsed by Dr. James Dobson.  Used extensively in schools worldwide, the curriculum prepares students to enter society with a distinctively Christian worldview through which they can exercise their faith and academic knowledge. To supplement academic learning, students are also given the opportunity to actively experience being the hands and feet of Christ by participating in Mission Trips, being involved in service to the community, and participating in fundraising opportunities.