Curriculum Philosophy

Biblical Worldview

Children are born in the image of God – creative and active participants in their learning about the world. A Biblical Worldview builds the foundation of how children develop a relationship with God, with themselves as image bearers, with others and with their world.  At the heart of all we teach is a recognition that every student is a beloved child of God, and has a place and a purpose in this world; we at IslandCA have the privilege and responsibility to help them grow. We welcome children of all faiths, and students are encouraged to understand and respect each others’ uniqueness.






Developmentally Appropriate and Integrated

Children grow and develop. As they do, the way in which they understand the world develops. It is important to cover a wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding in developmentally progressive, age-appropriate ways to enhance learning. Likewise, deep learning occurs when children can build on their existing knowledge and make connections with new and different types of learning.  Our focus on themes, BWI overlay and integrated subject learning all help to facilitate a rich learning experience.

Internationally and Community Minded

At IslandCA we see delivering an international education and promoting global perspectives as essential.  The education our students receive will give them the tools they need to respond to the challenges and opportunities a changing world presents, and develop character that will enable them to handle life with maturity and wisdom.  We equip our students to be aware of, and respond to, the needs of others; learning to understand, appreciate and respect people belonging to many social, cultural, religious and national groups different from their own is an important element of their learning at IslandCA.  We are dedicated to raising a generation of global citizens, who care for the world and its people as Christ did.

Vision of the Kinds of Children We are Helping to Develop

Teaching and learning at lslandCA contribute to developing the qualities and dispositions of our students in line with our shared vision as summarised below:

This is WHAT we want our students to develop:

Island CA students

Develop the IPC Personal Goals:












International Mindedness

This is WHY we want our students to develop it:

We want our students to develop like Jesus, with a growth mindset-

Growing in wisdom (academically), Growing in stature (physically),

Growing in favour with God (spiritually), Growing in favour with man (socially).

Luke 2:52