Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy at Island Christian Academy is to nurture the whole child as a unique and loved person; by God, their families and their community. Island Christian Academy is an international school for students aged 5-11 years, where each child flourishes academically, physically, spiritually and socially. Using an English teaching medium implemented by an international staff, the curricula we have selected are relevant, of a high quality, internationally recognised and integrated with Christian studies, character, values and ethics components.

As a Christian education system we have been given permission to address the whole child – intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual. We believe that we have been given the best opportunity to nurture our students to succeed in every aspect of their lives. A core part of our philosophy involves partnership with the parents and families of the children, as they are the child’s primary model for the value of education.

A strength of our international curriculum is its ability to glean the best practices in education from around the world and bring them to bear upon the educational environment of a single school. We are using the enquiry-based International Primary Curriculum alongside the UK National Literacy Framework, Australian National Mathematics program and an internally-developed Chinese Studies curriculum based on best international practices. We have also developed the Journey 2:52 Christian Studies curriculum, which empowers our students to learn & grow in their own journey of faith.

Our philosophy ensures a balance between academic focus and values formation.

Island Christian Academy values inclusive education, accommodating a number of students with special academic needs who are able to access the curriculum with some extra assistance. We also are able to make provision for some in difficult circumstances with scholarships and provision to help those within the community who may be in need.