5th September 2012




5th September 2012


Dear Parents


Thank you for all those who have attended the Coffee mornings over the last week. It was delightful to meet everyone and show you around our new school. We are so grateful for your support.

Our playground is just about finished with just a small piece of green to be applied. The children have looked with fascination at this long process. The next step will be adding the lines ready for the games to begin, weather permitting.

Class Folder and Communication Booklet

As a school we are preparing to send out more communication to you as a family. Shortly, class teachers will be sending out individual class information.

Each class will also be sending out a individual class contact information consisting of email and mobile phone numbers so parents can arrange play dates, send birthday invitations etc with each other. If you have any information you would not like to share or have changed any important information please let the office know by Thursday afternoon as we would like to send the class list information out this coming Friday.

Each child will be taking home their class folder daily with a red communication booklet, class library books to be read at home by or with and adult. If you have any important messages related to changes in pick up or bus arrangements let us know or any other matter we need to know such as parents out of Hong Kong and other emergency contacts. The teachers will look at the book daily to see if you have any messages and would you kindly look at the book in the evening to see if there are any important notices for the next day. Thank you.  Please remember our PE days are Wed and Friday and for the children to dress appropriately in their PE outfit.

Going Home

Parents and helpers, would you please wait in front of the stairs on the other side of the reception area near the disabled access ramp. This would help us as we have the children coming down the stairs and the bus children leaving the school.

School Start

To ensure the children have a smooth start to the school day, please make sure the children arrive by 7:50 a.m.  When going home, please ensure the children are picked up on time by 2:30 p.m.

Rest and Sleep

As children begin the new school year they experience many changes with settling .  To help your child settle in well, make sure you have consistent bed times so they can feel rested and refreshed for the new day, new friends, new schedules, a longer day etc.  We recommend you limit your school activities at the start of school as the children are very tired as they adjust to their new schedules.

Parents Evening on 19th September

An agenda will send out early next week.  If you are interested in coming, please register with our Receptionist – Rachel Keswani by email: [email protected]

Permission Forms/Medical Forms

To be returned in an envelope to the School Office.

School Programme

Over the last two weeks we have been conducting baseline assessments so we can better understand your child and prepare our classroom learning experiences. This will help us as we form groupings for Math and Reading.

To begin our literacy units, our focus is Traditional Tales. If you have any favourite books from home please send them in labelled with your child’s name so they don’t get lost. Thank you.

Snack and Lunch

At school we ask parents to provide a well-balanced snack and lunch to come with the child to school.The school does not provide food and we ask parents or helpers not bring food to school. As refrigerators or microwaves are not available at school, we suggest snacks and lunches be placed in a thermal lunch box.We encourage families to use recyclable containers to package food items. Please do refrain from bringing glass bottles or containers to school. Children are expected to bring a water bottle to school that can be replenished at the water fountains in the covered playground. Our aim is to help children be responsible for the snack, lunch and water. This is a great way to help them grow in their independence.

Parent Volunteer and Help at School

At the Coffee Mornings forms were handed out regarding our parent volunteer opportunities. Please send these forms back in your Communication book and we will collate the information.

Winter Uniforms

On Wednesday 12th September the winter uniform will be available from the School Uniform Shop. This includes the two in one jacket that works can be separated as a rain jacket. Please remember school footware consists of black leather shoes and white socks.

Unwell Children

We have been notified by the Education Bureau about the rise in influenza. Please ensure your children are well before they come to school and if they are running a temperature please keep them at home until they well. If you have any questions please call the office

We have had a wonderful week with lovely happy children eager to learn.


Kind regards





Gail Maidment


Island Christian Academy